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Letter from the editor – The press under fire

James Call

March 13, 2017

Journalist Dan Rather calls it "an emergency." And it is. Said Rather, "The time for normalizing, dissembling, and explaining away Donald Trump has long since passed. The barring of respected journalistic outlets from the White House briefing is so far beyond the norms and traditions that have governed this republic for generations, that they must be seen as a real and present th...

What happens when you lose your healthcare?

James Call

March 13, 2017

Republicans are scrambling to “repeal and replace” Obamacare with little consensus so far on how to accomplish it. Citizens are worried about their coverage. The student health care that our $19 per semester pays for is fairly comprehensive, but it won’t last forever. If the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is repealed, then what? What will be available when we le...

Taxes to rise for low-income students

James Call

December 9, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump's tax plan unveiled in November keeps a campaign promise to lower income taxes across the board ... almost. The upper 1 percent would receive a whopping 47 percent of the tax break. Those in the lowest income tax bracket, earning under $19,625 per year, would face a 20 percent increase in taxes. In addition, according to the Tax Policy Center...

District addresses student fears in a new political landscape

James Call

November 15, 2016

In light of fears and uncertainties about the future of undocumented immigrant students under a Trump presidency, the San Diego Community College District issued a statement Nov. 10. The letter clarified its commitment to full access for all students to the educational opportunities available in the community college system. It was signed by Chancellor Constance M. Carroll an...

Slammed again by the Electoral College

James Call

November 9, 2016

The Electoral College is an anachronism that has never worked the way the Founders intended. And it caused unintended problems almost immediately. A tie in the Electoral College between Thomas Jefferson and his intended vice president, Aaron Burr, in the election of 1800, threw the contest into the House of Representatives. Jefferson narrowly made the presidency after 36 tie...

A de facto Progressive Party

James Call

November 4, 2016

There is a de facto Progressive Party. And its de facto leader is Bernie Sanders. It didn’t exist a year ago. Sanders created it out of whole cloth in the summer of 2015. A year ago the idea that a socialist party was viable was preposterous. No one thought such a thing possible. Sanders himself probably had no idea that a socialist party would have any chance of being ...

State propositions and county measures for the progressive voter

James Call

October 30, 2016

Recommendations for the progressive voter. Props and measures not listed have no particular recommendation.State Propositions: Prop 51 — YES A bond issue to raise $9 billion for school infrastructure; $7 billion for K-12, and $2 billion for community colleges. Prop 52 — YES Retains a current fee on hospitals to fund Medi-Cal services. The net benefit in fiscal y...

CON: Measure C is a bad deal for city

James Call

October 22, 2016

I curse Petco Park every time I try to go to the Central Library on a game day. And I go once or twice a week. I curse a lot. Library parking is normally free for two hours with library validation. On Padres game day, there is no validation and parking fees are $30 or more — if the garage is not full. Whatever street parking that is available is taken by sports fans...

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