City Times

Measures in a nutshell

Roberto De La Pena Jr

October 24, 2016

There are many local measures in the upcoming election that will have a tremendous impact on our communities. City College students will vote on 17 statewide measures, 12 citywide measures, and 2 countywide measures. Below are condensed versions.Statewide Measures:Proposition 51: A yes vote would allow for the sale of $9 billion in bonds for building and remodeling k-12 schools and...

Moody’s Food Trucks

Roberto De La Pena Jr

September 19, 2016

Since the cafeteria closed, Moody's Food Trucks has become the main food vendor at City. Moody’s Food Trucks started off in 1926 selling cold sandwiches in downtown San Diego. They later evolved into a sophisticated fleet of food trucks that claims to be San Diego’s finest mobile catering service. We tried them out to see if it's true.There are two trucks parked ...

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