Campus invites photos that capture living well

Thirty-day photo challenge. Instagram  Image

Thirty-day photo challenge. Instagram Image

Antonio Marquez

It only takes a step to start a new way to a healthier body, mind and state of well being and with the help of the San Diego City College’s Step Up to Live Well initiative you can just that.

Organizers are sponsoring a 30 Days of Wellness Photo Challenge, which runs from March 8 to April 6. During that time, students, staff and faculty are invited to take a photo of a healthy activity they did that day and then post it on social media, using the hashtags #stepupfor30days and #stepuptolivewell.

Every day has a different prompt for the photo, such as “meal,” “movement” and “freedom you have” to reflect a healthier lifestyle.

Since 2014, the Step Up to Live Well Program has being motivating students across campus with City College being the first community college in San Diego County to partner with Live Well San Diego.

“We have a lot of health disparities in this community and in this country for educational reasons, economic reasons and opportunity reasons,” said Veronica Ortega, the lead organizer of the Step Up to Live Well initiative. People “don’t have access to health and wellness. This is to help our students have the knowledge and activities to be healthier.”

The goal of the Photo Challenge is “to promote awareness and get people to talk about their health,” according to Rebecca Aricheta, City’s outreach mentor.

“What is it in my life that I am doing to make it healthier or to get my life better and happier?” Aricheta asked.

Every photo taken will be a chance for participants to win weekly prices and to win the grand prize at the end of the challenge, with prizes like new running shoes.

Bringing healthier meal choices, like a smoothie bar, and working at [email protected], the Step Up to Live Well program has given students a healthier choice of living. The 30-day challenge will end a week before the Health and Wellness Fair on April 13, where a collage of the photos taken will be put up along with other information about how to live healthier.

For more information visit, and follow the challenge on Instagram and Facebook.