Vox Populi

“What does consent mean to you?


Chris Vega

David Ahumada, Photo Editor



Chris Vega, 18, Aviation

“Consent deals with two people. Both people have to agree for whatever to happen.”



Letty Avilez, 19, Education

“Consent is not only verbal, but physical. Make sure that both people are comfortable because they could change their mind later on. Even after they agree once, their body language could say otherwise.”

Letty Avilez


Gilberto Rivera, 20, Film

“Consent means that you agree to do something. It can really be anything, like agreeing to take photos. It really means that you’re giving permission to someone in a bold situation.”

Gilberto Rivera

Selena Gonzalez, 21, Nursing

“Consent must come out of someone’s mouth, and not action. Many signs can be misunderstood, and that’s where consent plays an important role of knowing whether knowing if that person is okay or not. “


Selena Gonzalez