Health and wellness services come to City College

City College students heard from on-campus and outside organizations about how to take care of themselves and live a healthy life style.


Uyen Pham

La terapia con mascotas fue alentada por Best of Care en la exposición de salud y bienestar en City College. Por Uyen Pham/City Times

Uyen Pham, Staff Writer

Over 40 affiliated health and wellness agencies, including San Diego City College’s Nursing Education Department, came to campus on Wednesday to reach out to students.

The Health and Wellness Expo aimed to raise healthcare awareness for City College students, both physically and mentally. 

Curran Plaza was filled with booths offering information and advice for a healthy lifestyle. 

The City College nursing students showcased helpful infographics about health ailments. One of which was about a commonly-seen problem, hypertension, with the hope that it would lead to people seeking treatment.

Nursing students at Heath and Wellness Expo
Uyen Pham
Nursing Student Department showcases a helpful infographic summarizing a dangerous disease students should know about. By Uyen Pham/City TImes

“Hypertension can be dangerous and often leads to other health problems, and it helps avoiding other complications by treating it early.” Dan Schroeder, a nursing student said.

The department also provided free blood pressure and blood sugar tests, performed by nursing students from the Nursing Program at City College. 

Best Of Care, a home healthcare organization attended the event to offer better quality of life. They provide various assistances from house chores, companion care and rehabilitation. They also brought a six-year-old therapy dog as a demonstration for pet therapy, one of the program’s services.

Paula Sindelar, a Best Of Care employee said, “This program is flexible, you get to tell us what you want to do.” The program focuses on providing senior citizens with the best at home services.

The event was a success with students as they walked back and forth, visiting booths and learning information about health and available services.