SPAWAR looking to hire City College students

City College Transfer Center is bringing SPAWAR to campus who will be recruiting STEM majors.


The City College Transfer Center staff organized the Spawar recruitment event. Photo courtesy Dr. Abdul Malik Buul (top: third from left)

Elisabeth Vermeulen, Staff Writer

For the first time, San Diego City College has partnered with Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, also known as SPAWAR, to bring job opportunities for STEM major students who are enrolled in San Diego Community College District. 

The SPAWAR recruitment event will take place tomorrow between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the Schwartz Quad.

“It’s a phenomenal opportunity to partner with a corporate industry,” Dr. Abdul Malik Buul, the Transfer Center director, said. 

“This is not an internship it’s a job with benefits,” Buul emphasized. “These students are going to be employed and they can either work full time or part time and they can be flexible … all the way until they transfer and graduate.”

According to Buul, SPAWAR is seeking multiple positions from mechanical, electrical, aerodynamic, aerospace, computer software, computer engineers and even making drones. 

“They’re going to bring out their systems and their equipment and all the gadgets so the students can see,” Buul says. 

SPAWAR is also looking for students majoring in other courses such as accounting, information technology and communications. 

“It is really to provide the necessary skills to learn on the job,” Buul said.

Interviews will be conducted and students will be hired on the spot.

There were over 90 applicants that applied in advance of the event, 34 were selected for interviews on-site and SPAWAR is hoping to hire 10-15.

The requirements to be eligible to apply include a minimum age of 18, U.S. citizenship, a 2.0 GPA or above, currently enrolled in at least 6 units and meeting security requirements. 

Resources on campus are available to help  students prepare for their interviews, such as help with their resume, cover letters, and interview preparation held in the Transfer and Career Center. 

“The business department was very gracious,” Buul said. “Fantastique donated $50 vouchers to our students in need of ties, suits, dresses, any interviewing clothes.”

Buul said that SPAWAR wants City College students to be at an advantage when they graduate. 

“Whenever you graduate, everyone’s going to have a degree,” Buul said.“When you look to the left and to your right, wearing your cap and gown, you see your competition. That’s who’s entering the workforce with you. You are all going to have the same piece of paper.”

Buul believes what makes an individual stand out from the rest is their ability to network and internship experience.

“(Transfer Center staff) want our City College students to stand out from anybody else,” Buul said “Most of our students are first gen on financial aid. There’s an opportunity we have for the American dream of utilizing community college to propel us to the middle class,” Buul said. “And they have a phenomenal opportunity here I think to execute that.”

City College’s annual career fair will be held later this week at Curran Plaza. The April 18 event will include over 40 different employers. It will be another opportunity for City College students to receive direct support and connections with industries.