City College student-leader says goodbye

Associated Student Government President Andrew Leal graduates City College and will move on to UC San Diego.


David Ahumada

Andrew Leal has served as a senator, vice president and president of ASG. By David Ahumada

David Ahumada, News Editor

CT Graduation GraphicAssociated Student Government President Andrew Leal will be transferring to UC San Diego as a human biology major at Revelle College.

Leal has been a part of ASG for two years, starting as a senator, then as a vice president and ending as president.

“I hope to take my experiences from here at City College to UCSD and to join their Associated Student Government, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everybody here not only at City but at the district.”

He will also continue as the student trustee on the San Diego Community College Board of Trustees over the summer.

“I’ve really enjoyed the past experiences here at City College such as the week of service that ASG helped facilitate, our Halloween event, a de-stress for finals by bringing dogs on campus, and we’ve also done a lot of outreach, last year we ended with six board members and now we’re ending this year with almost a full board.”

Other ASG members transferring are vice president Charity Murrell, who is transferring to Arizona State University online to major in sociology with an emphasis in pre-law. Chief administrator Isaiah Gonzalez will also be heading to UCSD to major in English. Webmaster Elyssa Tuscano is transferring to San Diego State University to major in art with an emphasis in graphic design. Inter-club council member Estephania Valenzuela is also transferring to SDSU to major in psychology. Tania Romero, another ICC member is also going to SDSU to major in English

“My favorite part was being able to join a leadership role in school and my favorite part was being apart of the constitution and by-laws committee and actually being able to make changes here to the rules at ASG,” said Valenzuela.

Dean of student affairs Marciano Perez said, “I wish the best of luck to all of you in your future endeavors and you guys really are what really makes ASG great.”