A different kind of food truck arrives at City College

Healthier option met with positive response from students.


Monica Pulido

The Write Juice truck is the newest food option available to City College students. Photo by Monica Pulido

Melisa Cabello-Cuahutle, News Editor

Students are now able to get fresh food from a new food truck on campus.

The Write Juice Truck provides healthy and organic options in the form of juices, smoothies and bowls.

Located in front of the AH building and next to Moody’s, the truck will be on campus for the remainder of the fall semester.

Joshlyn Turner, the truck owner, said she was approached by the administration office looking for more food options on campus.

So far, the truck has been parked at San Diego University and local high schools, and books events all over the city.

Turner was inspired to open the food truck by her clothing company, The Right Fit, which was based on creativity and expression through fashion.  

This new business, she said, “is a lifestyle, wellness extension to that brand” student response has been positive so far.

Samantha Tomasi, one of the trucks first customers at City College, said that eating on campus can be challenging if you like to eat fresh food and spend a significant part of your day at school.

“Nothing else here has fresh food and it looks really good,” she said. “I’m at the cosmo program, so I’m literally here eight and a half hours a day, Monday thru Friday.

“A couple times (a week), I’ll get fish tacos or something from the food truck, which is great, but it’s also probably not the best thing I could buy.”

The truck will be available at City on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the fall semester with the possibility of making it a permanent visitor in the spring.

For more on the new truck, visit the City Times story on Instagram produced by social media editor Monica Pulido.

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There is a new food truck on campus, City College The Write Juice truck offers smoothies, juices, bowls and lemonade, perfect for the warm weather on campus at the start of the term. Student reporters from City Times were out at the truck’s debut, asking customers what they thought about the truck and the new options on campus. Most customers were happy about smoothies and while they rarely eat on campus, they say they will come back. Owner Joshlyn Turner said the student response to her clothing-inspired fare has been great. Turner said the food truck will be on campus twice a week this fall, but she hopes to become a permanent vendor in San Diego City College in the future. . . #sandiegocitycollege#citytimes#news#journalism#foodtruck

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