City College’s chancellor mural vandalized before unveiling

The muralist repaired the piece in time for the celebration for Chancellor Constance Carroll

Chancellor mural

Gabriel Schneider

David Feucht creates a mural at City College in honor of Chancellor Constance Carroll. Photo by Gabriel Schneider

Gabriel Schneider, Editor-in-Chief

A day before the celebration at City College, an individual spray painted a sexually graphic image on the nearly completed mural that was created to honor Chancellor Constance Carroll.

Gerald Ramsey speaks at event
Gerald Ramsey, chairperson of the San Diego City College Foundation, speaks at the unveiling of the chancellor mural. Photo by Gabriel Schneider

President Ricky Shabazz said while David Feucht, the muralist, was taking a break, a man began to deface the art. A facility staff member scared him away before he could cause major damage.

“It set us back a couple days,” Shabazz said. “Kudos to David for spending the night, literally up (for) 12 hours making sure the mural was in a good condition.”

Shabazz said they caught the person on a GoPro, which was capturing time-lapse photos of the art. SDCCD police were also called and a report filed.

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Due to Feucht’s efforts, the celebration continued and was filled with praise for Carroll, who served as chancellor of SDCCD for 17 years.

The process to create the mural began in August 2020 and included six revisions. Feucht said it was a challenge to balance his personal style and this project, but came up with a final product that worked for everyone.

“I like how I was able to render the face more organic and the student more graphic,” Feucht said. “All the abstract and pop colors, that’s the essence of all art I do.”