PODCAST: Dean speaks about the return of City College student radio

Jeanie Tyler talks about the student radio station’s return and working with KSDS

City Speaks: The Future of SDS Radio

Joel Garcia, Multimedia Journalist

Due to the San Diego City College being closed, the campus’ student radio program has been broadcasting in an automated format without on-air talent.

The only regular program on the station this spring semester was News Radio Midday, which had to be produced off-campus.

Dean Jeanie Tyler, who is in charge of City College’s School of Arts, Humanities, Communications, & Telecommunications, talked about the newscast on today’s podcast, acknowledging the hard work that it takes to produce the show.

“I think given the challenges of all of us being remote right now while the campus remains closed,” Tyler said, “that I am actually very proud of the work that is still able to be done live while we’re working under these conditions.”

When it comes to the future of SDS Radio, Tyler expects it to be back on the air for the fall semester in a limited form.

“In the fall, if we are able to offer the radio class, I do see some instances in which students will be able to get into the booth again, but probably not on a regular basis,” she said.

Tyler also brought up an idea from City College President Ricky Shabazz of collaborating with the college’s Jazz radio station, KSDS.

“We used to have radio students who did live weather and traffic and sports updates on KSDS,” Tyler said. “We want to get back to that model.”