Summer term to open at City College

Classes begin as soon as June 5


Shamere Grimes

San Diego City College students gather under tree after class on Aug. 30, 2022. Photo by Shamere Grimes/City Times Media

Sydney Dull, Multimedia Journalist

Students interested in taking summer courses at San Diego City College can now register.

Whether to get ahead of your general education classes toward your major or just to enjoy a summer class because it sounds intriguing, City College offers a wide variety of classes over the summer months.

There are over 200+ courses to choose from at City College alone.

Students can take generic subjects that count towards their general education credit like biology, English, mathematics and psychology. 

City College even offers classes that can help new students with the transition into college. 

PERG, which stands for Personal Growth, is a course offered to students that can teach life lessons and career planning for the adult world. One class is College Success, which teaches academic and lifelong learning skills. The class explores the topics of self-motivation, personal accountability, goal-setting and decision-making.

Another class offered is Career Planning. This course is for students who are unsure about their careers, or those who want to change their major.

Classes start on June 5 and run until August 12 and can run for the full summer semester or can run in a variety of weekly sessions.

City College offers 6, 8, 12, or 14-week sessions. Students also have the option to choose from the first half or the second half of the session. Classes are $46 per unit, and financial aid is available for students who apply.

For more information on coursework, financial aid resources, and information on how to sign up, you can visit the City College website at