TWITTER: CTM reports from the field on Election Day

Reporters ventured out of the City Times Media newsroom into the field to cover the recall election

I Voted stickers

Kathy Archibald

Luis E. Buendia, a technical inspector at the polling location near Harry West Gym, holds “I Voted” stickers in preparation for voters on Sept. 14, 2021. Photo by Kathy Archibald/City Times Media

Will Mauriz, Sports Editor

On Election Day, reporters ventured out of the City Times Media newsroom into the field.

Student journalists asked students on campus for their perspectives, visited local polling locations, and went to the San Diego Voter Registrar’s Office to document the voting process and get local opinions.

The best of their work was shared on Twitter. Here are some of the posts.

City Times multimedia journalists Jakob McWhinney and Philip Salata went to the San Diego Registrar of Voters office to get updates and perspectives on the recall election and show how to drop off ballots.

City Times multimedia journalists Christopher Tapanes and Kathy Archibald visited local polling locations on the City College campus to get local pollers and the City College poll workers’ perspectives. 

Site manager Dottie Sutherland received donated pizza from a local vendor to share with poll workers.


Republican recall election candidate Larry Elder shared via Twitter polling information and gives resources for California voters to find a local polling place.