Past and Present


Two students stand across the street from City College’s new theater in the 1970s. The complex, located on C Street, is now known as the Saville Theatre. Photo courtesy of the City Times archive.

Ahmad Blue

San Diego City College was established in 1914 with only 5 members and 35 students. It would be the first community college in San Diego County. The campus was originally a group of houses the campus had bought to secure the land.
Even though they had secured it, the campus moved away from its current neighbor, San Diego High School, in 1921 to share facilities with the State Normal School (which would eventually become San Diego State University.) City College eventually moved back to the place it is today.
Between 1953 to 1954, the campus had finally to tear down the houses to replace them with proper learning spaces. The first buildings constructed would be the A and T building. This expansion was done in order to accommodate more students and faculty.
Sixteen years later, the L, C, S, M, E, D and F buildings were added to the campus allowing even more student s to apply and more professors to teach students. All of buildings were constructed to last for current and future uses.
Today, City College has an estimated 15,919 students currently enrolled into the school. The campus is still expanding as there are new buildings being added to the campus. City College is also one of three community colleges currently in San Diego Community College District.