Slide into summer break with these 5 travel-centric podcasts (and a bonus)

Whether you’re driving home for the summer or alone and needing some ambient audio, we’ve gathered a list of great podcasts


City Times Media podcast director Sven Domingos recommends podcasts that are perfect for summer listening. Canva photo

Sven Domingos, Podcast Director

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Summer is upon us once again.

Many students fly or drive home to be back with their families. Others will do their own thing over the summer, going to work or working on projects.

Whether you’re driving home for the summer or alone and needing some ambient audio, we’ve gathered a list of great podcasts filled with exciting and fun topics to play in the background as you traverse to your chosen destination.

“Travel Diaries”

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UK journalist Holly Rubenstein explores and talks about various travel destinations she and her guest speakers have visited. 

This podcast is excellent for acquiring destination ideas as the host and her guests dive into the many locations or destinations one can find in their travels.

“Flying Smarter: Air Travel Explained”

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Ever been curious about how airports function internally or feel intimidated about air travel? 

“Flying Smarter: Air Travel Explained” is a podcast hosted by Air Travel Andrew, who talks about the ins and outs of everything air travel, from how your bags make it to your destination to airplanes themselves and how they work.

“How To Not Travel”

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So you’ve figured out where to go but wonder how to behave in a different culture? Help your research for your destination.

Host Dr. Kiona as she outlines many travel questions one might have, including how to behave as a tourist, how to make your travel as sustainable as possible, and expert information on how locals feel about travelers visiting and how different behavior can affect their lives.

“Extra Pack of Peanuts”

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When traveling for cheap and adventurous experiences is down your alley, this podcast has your name on it.

Married couple Travis and Heather interview people that share their crazy personal travel adventures as well as gather recommendations of the best places to visit in the world.

“Amateur Traveler”

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Want to go somewhere but don’t feel like planning a detailed itinerary?

The “Amature Traveler” may have already talked about your planned destination in his ongoing 811-episode podcast series, whether in the local United States or abroad.

Join host Chris Christensen as he invites guests to his podcast to speak about their hometowns, which may be your travel destination, building one-week itineraries. These destination itineraries discuss places to see, places with activities to do and places to eat.

Bonus: “American Scandal”

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“American Scandal” takes you deep into America’s dark side to examine what drives someone to break the rules and what happens when caught. 

Created by the producers of “American History Tellers,” “Business Wars” and “Tides of History,” the podcast is hosted by Lindsay Graham, a natural-born storyteller and political pragmatist. Graham is known as an artistic annalist of some of the world’s most meaningful moments in history.