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Students make their way to  classes in the new Arts and Humanities and Business Technology buildings, which opened Aug. 18. The buildings sport an efficient modern design and offer more space and better technologies. Photo credit: Troy Orem

Doors open to education

August 26, 2014

City College’s Arts and Humanities and Business Technology buildings officially opened their doors to students Aug. 18 with much fanfare. The buildings...

Construction continues as the Arts and Humanities and Business Technology building are prepared for the fall 2014 opening. Photo credit: Troy Orem

Building a New City: All the Details on City College’s Campus Facelift

May 14, 2014

Four years in construction, including corrective construction, $475 million, one contractor terminated, three bankrupted contractors, 20 months past the...

Two students stand across the street from City College's new theater in the 1970s. The complex, located on C Street, is now known as the Saville Theatre. Photo courtesy of the City Times archive.

Past and Present

December 11, 2013

San Diego City College was established in 1914 with only 5 members and 35 students. It would be the first community college in San Diego County. The campus...

Getting to Class in One Piece

Construction of new buildings at San Diego City College has caused the closure of surrounding sidewalks, making it challenging and at times unsafe for students to find their way around campus.Photo credit: Ahmad Blue.

Christine Marcucci

December 9, 2013

San Diego City College is an urban community college with a unique layout, separating it from other traditional, self-contained colleges and spans several ...

Science building set to open in January

Christopher Handloser

December 5, 2013

As the fall semester ends, the construction on campus will forge ahead. Some new projects are nearing completion and some renovations are just about to begin. City College Campus Project Director Tom Fine recently provided City Times with an update. Topping the list of developments is the completion of the new Science Building located at the corner of 16th and B streets. The di...

Construction for the new campus went underway on Nov. 13. Torrey Spoerer, City Times.

Continuing Education campus to open in Barrio Logan in 2015

December 5, 2013

Construction is under way for the San Diego Continuing Education - Cesar Chavez Campus, scheduled for completion in 2015. Located at the corner of Main Stre...

Construction crews continue making progress on the new Science Building which is set to open for spring 2014. Torrey Spoerer, City Times.

Summer transformation for City

August 18, 2013

Many students at City College might be curious as to when the construction on campus will finally be over. It may seem like the process remains never ending,...

City College construction continues

Allison Browne

March 12, 2013

City College recently completed the construction of the new Math and Social Sciences building. Tom Fine, campus project manager, said, "It was a really smooth process. It was the first [building] that went through with a design-build process."Design-build means instead of the building being designed, then bid on by construction teams, it was built by the same team that desi...

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