RADIO: The Knight Life brings student voices return to air

The Knight Life is back for the spring 2022 semester with some of the best podcasts from last term

The Knight Life, March 13 Edition

Will Tran, Programming Director

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look back at some of the best and most memorable moments of last semester on The Knight Life.

On the debut episode of the Spring 2022 semester, we hear from familiar voices Jakob McWhinney and Skylar Epplar on their respective shows “The Listening Machine” and “San Diego Local Spotlight.”

In this best-of edition of “The Listening Machine,” we hear about the isolation brought on by Covid-19 from an essential worker who still had to clock in every day. Listen in on some voicemails left by San Diegans affected by the pandemic.

This week’s “San Diego Local Spotlight” brings back, Skylar Epplar hosting a series of interviews with local musicians in San Diego. Eppler sits down with the members of National City’s “Los Shadows,” a surf dream pop band, to talk about the ever-changing social landscape and how the pandemic nearly put a stop to their rising popularity.

The Knight Life is a weekly radio show produced remotely by, and featuring, the students of San Diego City College and City Times Media. Listen to the show on 88.3 HD-2 at 5 p.m. on Monday or here any time.

Producer: William Tran
Host: William Tran
Producer of The Listening Machine: Jakob McWhinney
Producer of San Diego Local Spotlight: Skylar Epplar
Music credit: Mrs. Magician