VIDEO: SDCCD boosted with federal funds, San Diego Latino Film Festival returns

Latest edition of CTTV’s Newscene also introduces a new club at City College


In addition to movie screenings, the 2023 San Diego Film Festival (pictured above in 2022) will include filmmaker appearances, live music, art exhibits, and party events on opening and closing nights. Jose Islas/Media Arts Center San Diego on Flickr

Jillian Fortner, Executive Producer, CTTV

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The San Diego Community College District received $3.4 million in federal funds that will go to LGBTQ students, Dreamer/undocumented students and former foster youth.

The San Diego Latino Film Festival returns this week. Daylight saving time is also approaching. Find out what time you’ll need to switch your clocks forward. All of that and more in this week’s edition of Newscene.

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