Enactus enables change

Enactus workers collecting canned food donations during their latest food drive. Official Facebook image.

Enactus workers collecting canned food donations during their latest food drive. Official Facebook image.

Leeann Rose

Enactus is a non-profit organization operating at City College as student mentors, job trainers, community organizers, concessionaires and providers of delicious coffee.

As mentors, Enactus trains its members in marketing, accounting, inventory and how to operate cash registers. Students can earn a Certificate of Performance for running a small business.

The organization operates a resource facility in room T-311C. Students can find assistance with photocopying, business card printing, document printing (black and white or color), stamps, faxing, the making of DVDs/CDs and business merchandise.

“Think of us as your mini Kinko’s,” Marketing Intern Axel Lopez explains. The center is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

A La Cart is a branch of Enactus that combines business and food concessions. Located in front of the bookstore, the cart vends sodas, coffee, pre-wrapped muffins and other food and they’re all under $2. Hours are Monday through Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. The cart takes cash only.

While gaining work experience, A La Cart members are also given an opportunity to create their own scholarship. All income is reinvested and participants receive scholarships based on the number of work hours put in a (minimum five hours per week). Second year A La Cart member Terry Armstrong contributed over 300 hours her first semester.

“I was eager to learn. I am a returning graduate. I have four different degrees from here, going on my fifth. Enactus brought out my creative side,” she said.

Enactus also plays a keen role as community organizers. Lopez lead a recent food drive that succeeded in collecting 430 cans in only two days. They then distributed these cans to active military families, as well as to the food pantry here at City College. When speaking of the food drives, Lopez expressed, “They are very dear to me.”

They also team up with organizations such as Metro United Methodist Urban Ministry, Writerz Block, and Bridge the Gap to help troubled youth change their ways.

Metro United helps young people find a job, meet a role model, helps with school work, or simply just provides them with a place to hang out. Writerz Block is the first legal graffiti art park in the nation, allowing free spirits to bring their creativity to a safe place. Bridge the Gap takes donations to supply businesses, such as youth rehabilitation centers, with clothing, household items and toys.

Recently, these organizations and Enactus received a grant establishing a six-week entrepreneurial program entitled Neighborhood Colleges. Through this project, young individuals are taught the basics of business. Only two weeks in, one individual was already offered a job as a painter.

The program also aims to inspire these young adults to get involved in small projects. Among the most recent endeavors, they are visiting youth centers and teaching them how to make T-shirts. This allows kids to learn illustrating and also learn the screen-printing process.

Community Liaison Robert Crouse explained, “It’s more than just letting us teach you and we’re out of here. It’s really in depth. It’s really relational. The people that are in Enactus are passionate. We’re into making a difference in these kids’ lives.”

For more information on Enactus, or for those interested in getting involved, please call Robert Crouse at (619) 721-1758 or Axel Lopez.