City College’s 100th birthday party


Dance instructor, Ruby Wilson, addresses some of the thousands of faculty, staff, administration and students gathered to kick off the centennial celebration.Photo credit: Joe Kendall

Students, staff, faculty and even the campus police gathered in the Gorton Quad today to celebrate the centennial of San Diego City College.  Music blared, dancing commenced, cupcakes were consumed and smiles abound.

The event was punctuated with a prank in which officers Kasinak and Pearson “arrested” Interim President Lynn Neault, which queued the start of a flash mob dance.

“Everyone was involved,” said Ruby Wilson, City College dance instructor. “If I talked to them, they danced.”

Wilson said she was inspired by Neault, and wanted to present a thoughtful and memorable centennial celebration.

The event was about bringing together all the different parts of City College; students, staff, faculty, everyone.

“All you have to do is get involved and take advantage of your resources on campus, ” said Michael Roderick, ASG Vice President, who encourages all students to get involved.

There are more events planned for the SDCC centennial. For more information, visit the website

Cake Cut.jpg
Interim President Lynn Neault makes the first cut in the celebratory cake, and cupcakes were also given out to the participants of the event.Photo credit: Joe Kendall