100 years a happy feat


Coach Alan Rivera joins president Neault, ASG president Carolina Moreno, Officer Sean McPhearson, and many others in a flash mob dance.Photo credit: Joe Kendall

It was all fun and games until the police showed up.

Interim President Lynn Neault was addressing the crowd at the first Centennial celebration, “Launch of a Legacy” on Jan. 29 in Gorton Quad.

Then, officers Sean McPhearson and Angie Kasinak appeared.

Neault appeared shocked and confused as they asked her if there was a permit for this event and told her to put her hands behind her back.

Neault arrest.jpg
Officers Sean McPhearson and Angie Kasinak jokingly arrest president Neault that queued the beginning of a flash mob dance.Photo credit: Joe Kendall

McPhearson playfully ordered Neault to “get with it or get a ticket,” which queued the beginning of a flash mob dance, coordinated by dance instructor Ruby Wilson.

Students, faculty, staff and even the officers followed Wilson’s lead and got down to the “Wobble.”

“When the students see the faculty out here dancing and supporting them, they are going to be proud to be a San Diego City College student,” Wilson said.

The celebration drew more than 1,000 students visiting red tents promoting campus activities including club rush.

While cutting the cake and feeding all the crowd members, Neault explained that there will be a number of events coming up to celebrate the Centennial.

On Feb. 19, the new science building will open. For this event, Neault said they have a lecture series planned as well as a display of City College history.

Then, a 100-year commencement ceremony will take place on May 23 in Balboa Park.

Looking forward, Sept. 8 will be the City College Founder’s Day Celebration. This day marks the first day of class at City College.

City College was San Diego’s first community college, opening before both Mesa and Miramar in 1964 and 1969 respectively.

“City is a special place,” proudly stated Neault.

Janitor boogie.jpg
A staff member shows off his best robot moves during one of the many dance sessions in the Gorton Quad on Jan. 29.Photo credit: Joe Kendall