From Disney to the Padres – The San Diego Padres’ Director of Accounting Todd Bollman drops by the Accounting and Business Club for its inaugural meeting


San Diego Padres Accounting Director Todd Bollman, speaks to the Accounting and Business Club during their first club event on Oct. 30. Bollman described the various positions he held during his career, and touched on the demands of an accounting director for a major league baseball team. Photo credit: Troy Orem

Franchesca Walker

The Accounting and Business Club welcomed Todd Bollman, director of accounting for the San Diego Padres, for the club’s first event on Oct. 30.

Bollman spoke about his career journey beginning as a student to now working with the Padres to a packed classroom of over 100 accounting and business students, faculty and anyone interested.

Bollman began at a community college, obtaining an associate’s degree then transferring to the University of Colorado. Initially, he studied business but after receiving a good grade in an accounting class, he changed his major. After receiving a bachelor’s degree, his first job was at the Walt Disney Company in Anaheim.

Bollman explained his duties at Disney: “I started out as the inventory accountant. My job was to oversee the retail inventory of all the items in the theme park. I got to count all of the Mickey Mouse hats and all other t-shirts.”

After being with Disney for six years, he left Southern California to go up north to Oregon. Later, after some time, he was called back from Disney where he was offered another position. However, he turned it down when he was offered to work in sports.

Bollman worked with Legacy Sports Group in the ’90s. It wasn’t until 2011 when he started to work with the Padres.

Treasurer Alan Garcia explained the importance of Bollman speaking: “We’re trying to bring in people who can tell us what the real world of business is like and for us to experience and get to know a little bit more of what we’re getting into to see if that is the right path for us, and if it’s something we’re willing to do.”

Bollman emphasized it is important to stay professional and realize what you say and who you talk to can cost you your career. He continued to say you are always on an interview and any time you are talking to somebody, consider yourself on an interview.

Bollman said, “You never know if you’re going to run across that person in your professional or personal life and it’s going to affect your life.” This is how Bollman was able to get the job working for the Padres.

He said, “Somebody knew me and I was speaking to them. Then I went on an interview and I got the job.”

Throughout his life Bollman explained many things have changed.

“Some of the things I learned along the way is things do change. I changed my major, I changed careers and even with the Padres I changed constantly,” Bollman explained.

Club Adviser Shana Carr contacted Bollman to come speak on campus after meeting him while she worked in the sports business.

Carr explained his importance to accounting and business students, “He does accounting but his job functions also relates to business, so many of the students that we had in here are interested in those aspects. I know a lot of students here are passionate about accounting, and you can see that from what he was speaking about, I think it tranlates (to the students).”

The Business and Accounting Club plans to invite more guest speakers working in business and accounting as well as assist students with tutoring and create study groups.