Anatomy of an ASG meeting


Nilo Ondevilla, Vice President of the Inter-club Council, speaks at the Nov. 20 Associated Student Government forum in Room MS-140. Photo credit: Richard Lomibao

Franchesca Walker

The Associated Students Government meets every Friday in room D-105 to discuss campus issues that students have concerns about as well as planning events for students.

The meetings are divided by three sections. First, Inter Club Council, welcomes the clubs on campus to discuss any concerns they may face as well as events they showcase at 10 a.m.

“The clubs send club representatives and they talk about like Club Rush, getting more students involved in the clubs and fundraising, and whatever issues they are going through like concerns they may have,” Senate President Laura Benavidez said about what happends during ICC.

Following ICC, is the senate meeting at 11 a.m. During this time, the ASG senators come to together and discuss student life on campus, any issues that students are concerned about and create campus events that happen throughout the semester.

Sen. Breona Harris details the senators role: “We go out and interact with the students and find out what our campus needs and see what we can help on.”

Harris continued to say, “Now we’re putting form for our students so they can come and see what ASG is about and see the different stuff we have on campus to help them with. Basically we are here to speak on part of the students.”

Lastly, the ASG Board meeting is at 12 p.m. The President’s Cabinet, executive board, and senators meet together to discuss what happened during the senate meeting, as well
as last week’s board meeting.

Government Affair Officer Carolina Moreno said it is important for students to participate and attend the meetings.

“I do believe it is important that students inquire about business being conducted at ASG regular meetings or off line for that matter because it is a perfect opportunity to express their views and perspectives as to what action is taken in the meetings, and how we can better serve the students,” Moreno said.

Students are encouraged to attend the public meetings and voice their opinions about any concerns or issues they have that occurs on campus.