Prospective students gather for open house


Attendees of San Diego City College’s 2nd Annual Community Open House participate in a kickboxing class on the AH/BT quad on April 15. Photo credit: Joe Kendall

Laura Sanchez, Associate Editor

City College opened its doors to the community April 16 for the 2nd Annual Community Open House. Organizations, programs and businesses such as Fantastique and the Food Pantry set tables around campus, while tour groups were guided around City to promote and educate the community on what City has to offer.

More than 200 prospective students, from high school to adult school, were invited to visit the campus’ facilities and to receive information on programs and clubs offered by the college.

“We’re promoting San Diego City College for the community. We have a bunch of continuing education students around San Diego that came today to our open house. There are all kinds of tables and clubs,” Open House volunteer Barbara Green said.

Students around San Diego, from Cesar Chavez High School to the Educational Cultural Complex (ECC) were bused over to participate in the event.

“We have partnerships with them and we go out there and we bring our matriculation services to them, free enrollment services, admissions application workshop, financial aid, and then we sign them up to get bused over. We had charter buses pick them up; bring them on to campus,” Outreach Coordinator Liz Vargas said.

There was music and food handed out in the quad between the AH and BT buildings. Fitness program members held workout sessions during the event where City students demonstrated their program in action to their guests. Visitors were grouped from there and guided around City to see the different buildings and their programs.

“We’re here from ECC and we’re here going around looking at City College, seeing the different schools and programs that go on here and probably when we get out of ECC we can see if we would be interested, once we get out of ECC,” Musa Alhaqq, ECC student and guest, said about the event.

The event aimed to encourage community members to take advantage of the resources offered by City and to continue higher education.