ASG election results are in and they’re final

Phoenix Webb

The Associated Students Government election results that were reported missing in the May 12 issue of City Times have been found.

The results were printed and posted to the right of the entrance to Student Affairs in the M building during the week of May 11.

According to Student Affairs Coordinator Lori Oldham, the results should have been posted April 29, approximately one week after the elections.

Oldham had taken ill just before the election and was advised by her physician to check into the hospital. In anticipation of going to the hospital, Oldham provided the steps and additional information necessary to process the election results to Student Affairs Manager Bill Ponder.

Oldham discovered that to her relief, those directions were followed flawlessly.

“The Student Affairs Office did take additional time to review the outcomes based upon the need to verify and insure that those students who are elected by the student body comply with all of the processes necessary for a fair and transparent election,” Vice President of Student Services Denise Whisenhunt stated in an email response.

Whisenhunt also provided the full results of the ASG election, which included the presidential and vice presidential seats going to Laura Benavidez and Hani Hussein, respectively.

Senators elected to ASG include Tony Givens, Wendy Huerta, Suma Massley, Claudia Robles, Zacari Waller, Raquel Berreleza, Athena Cariaga, Sobeyda Diego, Hodo Hussein, Logan Rinder and Maria Rivas. According to Whisenhunt half of the senatorial candidates were write-ins.

Rounding out the election were Ivan Ortiz who was elected ASG’s public events coordinator, Robert Phillpott as scholarship officer and Sebet Thon as the health and safety/environmental coordinator.

Treasurer, public relations officer and webmaster are three positions that did not get filled as well as perhaps 10 senatorial positions. Each senator in ASG represents 1,500 students on campus. It is not known exactly how many students were registered for spring semester, but estimates were suggested to be more than 30,000.

Whisenhunt also provided this voter statistic: there was 163 total votes cast of which five were paper ballots. The rest of the votes were cast electronically.

The low turnout was attributed to the rain that occurred during the election.