Club Rush sees slow start

ICC, ASG bring various City College clubs together to one spot


San Diego City College students gather at the Visionary Feminists booth during the second day of Club Rush on Sept. 29. Photo credit: Mike Madriaga

Mike Madriaga

It’s been a month since class has began at City College, and students are better familiarizing themselves with their professors, classmates, schedules and even clubs.

Fall Club Rush, was a two day event held at the AH/BT Upper Plaza which provided students with a variety of club options to join. Whether one was looking for camaraderie via creativity, advocacy, health, culture, language, business, or still undecided, this was the place to come and explore.

The venue was held on September 28-29 and drew “within the hundreds” stated Brett Patterson, the Inter Club Council representative.

The ICC is also known as the “club of clubs” and works under the Associated Students Government, which meet on a weekly basis to unite and strengthen the club’s efforts on campus.

Patterson also mentioned that on Monday, 18 clubs were represented, and then 12 clubs on Tuesday. Each club had a six to eight foot table, and some had their own red City College canopy, others didn’t, but that didn’t matter because the cooler Fall weather was settling in. Each club had their own method to draw in potential members. Some had pamphlets and savvy spokesmodels, others had colorful displays with a mannequin dressed in red, or a live DJ spinning the jams.

Patterson’s table had voter’s registration papers. “… with ASG we run our whole thing through a constitution, all the officers are voting in, we like to set an example to the other students. ‘Hey if you are over 18, your opinion matters, your voice counts, take your time, the three minutes to let their voice be heard!'”

The guys across from Patterson weren’t quite as political, but equally as passionate about their cause. Their draw was technology.

“It’s actually really easier to grab people in, because they were more interested in the 3D printer, and then if you want to build something more complicated … come to the club,” explained Matt Pedler, the San Diego City Robotics Club spokesman. He was showing the crowd how to make parts for their robots.

“I don’t eat my friends,” read Keith Burke’s t-shirt. He was starting a new group called Animal Rights and Food Politics. Burke is a Professor in the alcohol and other drugs studies in behavioral sciences at City College, and mentioned that approximately 30-40 people showed interest in his advocacy.

“I have a personal interest in this topic both from a social justice issue because there are a lot of people who are being fed awful processed chemical ladened foods, in addition to factory farms that many of the animals that we are concerned with, are in horrific places to work and terrible places for the animals to live,” Burke said.

And then the “reactive” side to the health issues was present as well.

American Medical Student Association was set up to help students entering into the pre-ped program for medical school, by providing them with resources for test preparations and extra curricular activities to garnish experience.

There are approximately 37 clubs listed on the City College website. The variety of clubs that are available to join are quite plentiful and diverse; from Photography to the Veterans Club; from Lupus and Autoimmune Disease Awareness to the Hip-Hop Club. If you missed out on these two days, and are curious about getting involved with a group of individuals with similar interests, reach out to ICC President Nilo Ondevilla or Brett Patterson for more information.