$27,100 for City College students

A variety of scholarships are made available to San Diego City College students through new application website

Mike Madriaga

The Scholarships Office at San Diego City College is currently providing students with $27,100 in funding for the spring semester. Applications were made available starting on Nov. 9, and will continue through Jan. 10.

“Additionally, the Scholarships Office will be hosting workshops to provide general scholarship information and support with the new online application site, Oliver Mamangun, office of Student Affairs, admin tech. scholarships/student conduct, stated in an email. “Students are encouraged to join our subscription list to get the latest updates including workshop dates and scholarship resources. Instructions on how to join can be found on our scholarships page.”

As of Thanksgiving, 49 scholarships were listed.

Some of the scholarships require a 4.0 Grade Point Average, like the Board of Trustees scholarship,” which is a $1500 award provided by a local foundation and the San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees. This particular application states that “Priority given to students with a background in Foster Care.”

Then there are other funding programs that only have an eligibility of a 2.0 GPA or higher, like the scholarship for the Visually Impaired, which was created to help fund students with a medical verification of visual impairment. The award is for $500 and the student must be enrolled in a minimum of six units for the fall and spring of the current academic year.

The San Diego Gas & Electric Leadership Award requires the student to be enrolled in 12 units for the fall and spring semesters respectively, and must have completed a minimum of nine units exclusively at City College. The SDG&E prize is $400.

Each scholarship has a set of prerequisites needed to be fulfilled and there is a wide gamut of fields that each program is geared towards. From TV and Radio, to Nursing and Physical Education, the types of financial assistance available for City College students is broad. Most of the scholarships also require a written (1000 word count maximum) proposal on how the scholarship funding will effect the winner’s future.

If a City College student is interested in applying for a scholarship, most applications will be accepted until Jan. 10.