New ASG officers confirmed

Natalie Hanson

City College has officially confirmed the winners of the Associated Student Government elections.

In the only race that was contested, Samantha Ruiz was elected to the position of Public Events Coordinator over Mariana Longoria, who now holds the position of treasurer.

Daron Woods officially holds the position president and trustee, with Suma Massely as vice president.

The new leaders will serve year-long terms, beginning in the fall. Students are being sought for positions that remain open. More information about the ASG is available at its office in MS 200, at, and on Facebook at

It must be noted that over 16,000 students attend City College, yet only one position in ASG was contested.

The low participation in the electoral process was spotlighted when the candidates held two forums on April 19. The purpose of the forums was for the candidates to make their personal statements, draw more interest to the election, and answer important questions from the student population before they voted.

Held in the cafeteria, there were easily at least 70 students present. However, it was clear that only several students who happened to be sitting at tables near to the podium were paying attention.

As the candidates would step forward to the microphone to answer questions, often the only applause for their words had to be started by the advisers and other candidates.

Massely and Longoria both commented on the lack of participation, and good-naturedly joked about the silence in the cafeteria, yet nobody laughed.

Despite this disinterest, the candidates carried on with their question and answer session. The need for more student participation, and the availability of many positions, was addressed throughout.

Woods reminded voters that “..we have so many positions open. It is as simple as asking to be involved.”

Allison Santana, who is the ASG’s Secretary, added, “I never thought I would be part of ASG, I simply walked in and ended up getting involved. It is so much easier than you think, and adds so much to attending school here.”

Longoria stated, “For what I do, I get out there, I talk to people, I tell them who I am. I’m proud to be part of my student government and respresenting you guys.

“…It takes getting out there, and getting you guys involved!”

Massely said her focus will be “…to reach out to more students who have lives, who have jobs, who don’t feel connected on campus. We want everyone to know what ASG is about, that they are heard.”

Woods, the new president, received the most questioning on his preparation for the position, but projected confidence.

“I love this campus, I love that diversity is treasured here. I want to continue to facilitate this diversity, and I look forward to continue advocating for student voices.”