Live viewing of presidential debate at City College on Monday

Esai Melendez

On Monday, Sept. 26, there will be a live viewing and discussion of the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Room MS-162 from 5:45  to 8 p.m. at SAn Diego City College.

Students will be able to weigh in on the issues that both candidates talkabout, including the economy and immigration.

This debate should be interesting. Trump has been criticized for the way he speaks about women and how he wants to deal with minorities in the country, specifically Muslims. He also has been criticized for not presenting a specific plan if he is elected.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has been criticized for the the way she handled the bombing of the U.S. embassy at Benghazi  and for receiving financial support from countries that degrade women. Perhaps her biggest challenge going into this debate, however, is the email scandal that has been heavily covered by the media.

So both candidates are going into this debate with big obstacles to overcome.

Experst say that both candidates need to capture the Latino vote to win the election. Considering that City College has a significant Latino population, their voices should make the debate viewing all the more interesting.