Fresh enthusiasm at City College Socialist Club

Darian Santana

The socialist club at City College aims to clear up misconceptions many people have about socialism. It also hopes to encourage activism.

“I definitely encourage people to express their opposition, especially as it’s coming from a place of concern for their well-being,” states San Diego City College Chicano Studies Professor, Justin Akers-Chacón. Sympathetic to the ideals of the club, professor Akers is the faculty advisor this semester for The International Socialist Organization (I.S.O.). Open to the public, every Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the MS building, Room 440, meetings involve critically analyzing the politics that play a dominant role in our society and educating politically curious students about socialism.

“The I.S.O. works hard to come to the people and in the process they found me. After engaging in conversation about politics I was impressed by what they had to say because they were answering questions no one else would,” said City College Student Jeff Frietas. He has plans to graduate with a degree in Business Administration. Frietas has also been with the I.S.O for over a half a year, which originally met at the City Heights Library located on 3795 Fairmount Ave. Last semester the I.S.O. moved to City College where, as Frietas describes, it “has had a heavy presence on campus so far.” As an active participant in protest, he explains, ”You go out there to fight and realize you get a little roughed up and want to come back stronger, I believe this is the way to do so.”

“We all understand that there was going to be a political shift,” said International Socialist Organization member Claire Douglas. “We offer confidence for those who feel like a fish out of water,” continued Douglas.

A collective of critical thinkers and politically sharpened socialists is what the International Socialist Organization hopes to inspire, encouraging students to participate and engage in local protests such as the Ban on the Border Wall, Woman’s March and Planned Parenthood protest. “Socialism is needed because capitalism produces poverty, war, environmental destruction and oppression. To solve these we need a society to share the wealth and we believe we need to organize this,” said I.S.O. member Avery Wear.