The deadline for studying in Spain is Oct. 20, 2017

Michelle Botello

Spanish instructor, Rosalinda Sandoval, recommends students to look for scholarships at and apply before the Oct. 20, 2017 deadline.

Michelle Botello, Staff Writer

The opportunity to visit Madrid, Spain is here and you can visit abroad with a spanish class in January 2018. The price is $2,795 and you still have a chance at a scholarship. Deadline is October 20.

Rosalinda Sandoval, a Spanish instructor at City College, said that there are scholarship opportunities for the trip to Madrid on the website The only requirement is to take one of the following classes, Spanish 102, 201, 211 or 290. City College will provide winter schedule classes for that semester. Sandoval said, “The purpose of the trip is so students get totally immersed in the language and culture. That’s why Study Abroad is very successful.”

Madrid is in the center of Spain, amid Castille. It is also the center of the Spanish Parliament, stock exchange, and the most important cultural and educational center. It is a city rich in culture and an active nightlife. It has over three million in population. The residents are called “madrilenos.”

Alan Hickey
The Study Abroad Spain deadline is Friday, Oct. 20.

The price of this trip includes some benefits: stay with a host family, three meals a day, and laundry once a week. Also you can take five field trips, a guided walking tour, get a transportation pass, take two excursions to Segovia and Toledo, and see a Flamenco show.

For safety, a program director and assistants will counsel and supervise the students and transportation will be included. The students will not be traveling to Spain as a group class. Sandoval will be there to teach the class from the start to the end. Showing up to class,  she said, “That’s up to the student.”

Students will meet at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-1:50 p.m. beginning Jan. 2 until Jan. 26. This is one of Madrid’s best-known universities in the world. It is most popular for philosophy, fine arts, law and humanities. Universidad Complutense was built in the 13th Century and is one of the oldest existing in Spain. It is located in Moncloa, Madrid, a neighborhood close to bus and metro lines.

A new student at San Diego City College, who is doing her first semester at City this fall, Gabby Vergara, 19, shared thoughts about the Study Abroad program. She said, “I think the idea is good because it allows students to actually get to learn the culture and where the Spanish roots come from and they get to explore, I guess, a new country and I think it’s interesting.”

Vergara said she would invest herself in the program but financially it would be hard.  She said, “Yes, but probably financially that’d be the only problem but other than that it would be pretty interesting.” The Gillman scholarship has met its deadline for this trip, but there are other scholarships available at the website below.

For additional information contact Rosalinda Sandoval at [email protected] or go to Regular scholarships at M-200,