Education Plan

Maria-Camila Murcia, News Editor

For students that qualify for financial aid and haven’t received it or are unable to register, an education plan might be the missing link to completing your college education.
An education plan is a planning tool that students create with counselors to have a guided path while attending City College. John Olivia, a Counseling Office staff member, recommends students “look at the ed plan as a checklist to help get what you need done in order to graduate or transfer to a four-year university.”
Professors and counselors advise new students who transfer from another college or high school to a community college here in San Diego to set one up.
In order to be prepared for next semester and not end up at the bottom of the registration list, here are the necessary steps you need to take.
First, submit an application online at to be admitted. When submitting your application, be sure to include your transcripts from high school or past community colleges you’ve attended. The records office will review your transcripts and then inform you when that process is finished so you can meet with a counselor.
Next, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available online at You can also apply for the California Dream Act online at
Students who do not qualify for their financial aid can apply for the Board of Governor’s Waiver as a backup. It covers tuition and class fees; students will only have to pay the $20 health fee.
Financial Aid Advisor Lorie Mendoza advised students who need to submit a financial aid appeal to make sure they have an ed plan on file in order for them to receive their money. “It shows proof to the district you’re taking classes for your major for them to approve the appeal and receive your money.” Some students realize they do not have an ed plan at this point in the process, which then causes a delay in receiving financial aid.
Once financial aid application issues are resolved, go to the Online New Student Orientation. It takes about 90 minutes to complete and can be done at Login in as a student with your CSID number, and print a confirmation page if you are scheduled to take an assessment test.
The next step is to take english & math assessments to see where your skills lie. Assessments are done at City College in room M-205, by appointment only. Once these tests are completed, meeting with a counselor comes next.
Setting up an appointment with a counselor can be done through the City College Assessment Office, or by calling the Counseling office at 619-388-3023. Be sure to go over all the information with your counselor to set up the correct classes based on your major requirements.
Finally, students will receive an email which tells them when to sign up for classes. Registration can be completed online using Reg-E, Don’t forget to pay the fees by the deadline or you could be dropped for nonpayment.
The Financial Aid and Admissions offices remind students to meet with a counselor and set up their education plan. This will benefit students to be at the top of the registration list to sign up for classes early before they fill up or get cut.