Water pipe breaks in R building ceiling

Rooms R-114 and R-115 were flooded after a water pipe in the ceiling broke in the overnight hours of Sept. 24.


Fans temporarily occupy the floors of the mailroom and room R-115. By David Ahumada

David Ahumada, Visuals Editor

R building ceiling damaged by flood
Portions of the ceiling were taken out to repair the leaking pipe in room R-115. By David Ahumada

A wet surprise awaited staff members at San Diego City College on Sept. 25.

San Diego Community College Police Department responded to a motion alarm on Sept. 24 at approximately 11:46 p.m. Officers found a leaking pipe in the ceiling of the R building.

“I came in today, and the furniture was rearranged,” said June Cressy, lead production services assistant for digital print production and mailroom services.

The mailroom and reprographics will currently have to work out of R-112 while rooms R-114 and R-115 are cleaned up following the flooding.

“Facilities did a fantastic job getting us moved quickly,” said Patty Fernandez, digital print production and mailroom services supervisor. “We’re up and running. Fully functional.”