3 tips to preparing for wildfire evacuations

Recent Willow Fire a reminder that fires can happen year-round

Cal Fire Map

A Cal Fire map shows where the Willow Fire burnt in Rancho San Diego. fire.ca.gov screenshot

Noelle Mortensen and Vicky Pineda

The strong Santa Ana winds are blowing throughout Southern California and will bring very dangerous fire conditions and power outages. 

A wildfire erupted in Rancho San Diego last night. As of 8:55 a.m., the Willow Fire had burnt 30 acres and was 50% contained. One home was destroyed and six homes were damaged. 

So what would you do if flames were coming close to your home?

Don’t think too much — being prepared so you don’t have to think about what to pack before evacuation is extremely important. 

As fire season continues this fall into winter, San Diegans living in fire zone areas should stay prepared. 

Newscene and City Times covered what should be packed in case of a fast evacuation.

Focus on the essentials

In case of a fast evacuation, some of these important things include your irreplaceable items such as pictures, hard drives and computers. Check out this checklist to prepare in advance.

Don’t forget key documents

Important documents such as passports and insurance information should be prioritized. Make sure to also think of your health needs. Prescribed medications and medical equipment should also be packed.

Don’t overlook needs of four-legged friends

Don’t forget about pets. Make sure to bring their leashes, food and any medication they might need.