City College submits state grant request to build housing for 600 students

City College President Ricky Shabazz announces completion of next step toward securing housing project


The lot of the former child development center will be the site of the new student housing complex if the SB-169 funding request is granted. @DrRickyShabazz on Twitter screenshot

Philip Salata, Multimedia Journalist

After describing his vision for a potential student housing development to be built on the former site of the child development center at San Diego City College, President Ricky Shabazz announced the completion of a crucial step for securing funds for the project.

The grant request for Senate Bill 169 funding, the Higher Education Student Housing Grant Program, has been submitted.

Shabazz’s tweet confirming the grant was published in the early morning of Oct. 31, the deadline for submission to the Department of Finance. The plan alots $250 million to community colleges for building out student housing.

With a total of 209 units, the proposed plan would see six types of habitations, ranging from single resident occupancies to 10-bed suites. The building would be able to house a total of 613 students.

In addition to capacity details, the announcement also released construction costs as well as other related fees, which amounted to $118,918,900.

Digital mockup of potential student housing building at City College
Digital mockup of the proposed housing construction at San Diego City College. @DrRickyShabazz on Twitter screenshot

According to the California Department of Housing and Community Development, costs of rent for designated affordable housing programs, including SB-169, are calculated by a formula that takes into consideration the local median income for a single individual.

Although this rate varies/increases annually, if built today, rent for one person in the housing complex could cost roughly $831 a month, without taking into consideration any potential aid.

The DOF will forward projects that meet necessary criteria to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee by March 1, 2022.

Criteria include the construction of a new building (as opposed to the purchase of an already standing structure) and plans to meet costs of any ancillary services to be located within the new construction.

They will also submit a list of projects proposed to be included in the annual Budget Act.

“Everyone keep your fingers crossed. Our @sdcitycollege students really need this,” Shabazz tweeted.

Shabazz expressed admiration for the team responsible for the application, led by Vice President of Administrative Services John Parker.

The announcement came coupled with a digital mockup of the building to be located on B and 16th streets.