The final mile – Knights cross-country season comes to an end



Freshman cross-country runners Teresita Guzman (left) and Antonio Cota (right) run in the Cal State San Marcos Cougar Challenge on Oct. 18. Photo credit: Torrey Spoerer

David Pradel, Sports Editor

The Knights cross-country season came to an abrupt end on Oct. 30 at the Pacific Coast Conference Championships where both the men’s and women’s teams did not qualify to continue their running season.

With both teams having the goal to make it to the SoCal Regionals in the beginning of the season — it was shocking news to all the runners that their season had ended but although it may have not been the way they wanted to end the season; both teams gave it their all.

“In this race, everyone was very satisfied and proud of themselves and each other,” said freshman team captain Kelsey Engler. “The girls have improved and have come so far; in our previous race at (Cal State San Marcos) everyone PR’d and most of the girls reached their goals that they set for themselves at the start of the season.”

“The whole team did a great job especially since it was the first year for a lot of our runners; most of the (men’s team) ran cross-country in high school so although the team didn’t qualify — we still did a great job because everyone PR’d and I think next year we’ll come out stronger and better,” said freshman Miguel Reyes.

In the men’s race the top three runners for City College was freshman Antonio Cota who crossed the finish line first for the Knights and 31st overall with a time of 23:13.6. Following Cota was freshman Sawiros Haile finishing the race with a time of 23:19.9. Freshman Julio Segura clocked in at a time of 23:36.9 for the Knights.

“I’m disappointed but at the same time I am very proud because this was a very young team and they did the best they could and are a great bunch of guys that gave it their all,” said Assistant Head Coach Peter Gregory. “We’re definitely a second-year team — I honestly believe we could be a top 10 to 15 team in the state next year; we just have to keep everyone together and train through the spring and summer.”

In the women’s race, the top three runners for City College included freshman Teresita Guzman who finished 31st overall and first for the Knights with a time of 23:55.9. Following Guzman were two freshman runners, Katia Sanchez and Stephanie Ramirez, crossing the finish line with a time of 24:26.4 and 24:40.7 respectively.

“I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to continue and keep going but this only encourages me and the rest of the team to get better for next year,” Guzman said.

The Knights cross-country teams will be looking to come back stronger next season and although their competitive season may have ended, both teams will be taking a few weeks off and heal the aches and pains and then continue to add more mileage on their running shoes.