Off the field Knights

The women’s soccer team leaves a positive effect in the San Diego community



The San Diego City College women’s soccer team volunteered at The Futbol Factory in Chula Vista on Nov. 15 where the ladies gave proper instruction in soccer skill techniques with youth ages 11 and younger. Photo courtesy of Andi Milburn

David Pradel, Sports Editor

The San Diego City College women’s soccer team not only put their long hours in at the practice field throughout the season but also found time off the field to volunteer in different areas of the San Diego community during their journey to a second place finish in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference.

“By helping out with the community, I have learned that volunteering to do things always makes you feel good on the inside and out and just knowing that you went out of your way to brighten someone else’s day is the best feeling,” said sophomore defender Morgan Heppner. “This volunteer work has also opened my eyes up to many of the other communities in San Diego that I never even knew existed. So getting to meet new people and learn more about them and their passions and interests is awesome.”

On Nov. 15, the Knights volunteered at the Futbol Factory, a indoor youth soccer clinic in Chula Vista where the team gave instruction in proper soccer skill techniques with youth ages of 11 and younger.

Volunteering at the Futbol Factory and teaching young children the rules and techniques of soccer had the Knights wanting to come back as it proved to be one of their most cherished memories during the season.

“One of the highlights while volunteering at the Futol Factory was being able to go out of my own way and help the young kids excel at the thing we both love; soccer. It made me happy, yet relieved, seeing kids at such young ages having fun while also working hard to become better soccer players. It was an honor getting to be a role model for them by giving them tips on drills and pushing them to do their best. I would love to come back and help out again,” Heppner added.

“Getting to work with the little kids and being able to make an impact and seeing how passionate they are about soccer at such a young was really cool and was one of the biggest highlights in the year,” said sophomore goalkeeper Charlotte Guerrero.

The team also participated in three other community service events earlier in the year; the food pantry food drive that was held on the campus of City College, a clothing drive and at an animal rescue in San Ysidro.

The team spent a day on Nov. 8 at the animal rescue called Ferdinand’s Familia. The Ferdinand’s Familia rescue animals that have been neglected, abused and abandoned and the Knights put in their hours by reconfiguring the layout of the ranch and helped by building some new animal habitats.

The experience of helping animals in need was another highlight during the season for the team.

“Out of all of the community services my team and I did, I would have to say that the Ferdinand’s Family Ranch was my favorite volunteer activity. I am a crazy animal lover so being able to feed the horses and many other adorable, rescued animals was so much fun! I also really liked the idea on how every animal at the ranch was rescued and the owners of the non-profit organization truly enjoy doing what they love, which is taking care of animals in need of love and support. Plus, getting to meet and feed various animals is not something you get to do every day so it was a lot of fun for my whole team. I know that me and some of my teammates will definitely be coming back to visit the animals and if we’re lucky, get to ride the horses,” Heppner said.

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Head Coach Andi Milburn expressed that she requires the team to do a lot of these events outside from the hours spent on the field and with the several community events that she arranged for the team to volunteer at – it also proved to be a key for a successful season on the field as the Knights got to bond and build chemistry with one another.

“I think doing the (community) events as a team really helps you grow closer because even though we see each other every day to play soccer, it’s nice to give back to the community and leaving a positive effect as a team off the field,” Guerrero said.

Heppner also expressed that she was happy that Coach Milburn arranged the community events for the team to volunteer at.

“If it weren’t for these two community service events, I would’ve never known about the Futbol Factory or Ferdinand’s Ranch and because of the volunteering services our team was able to bond and come closer as a team while we went out of our way to help out at each community service event. I believe that if a team can bond not only on the field but off the field, it builds great character and is key to being a successful team.”

The women’s soccer team and along with the other athletic teams will be participating in “Shop with a Jock” as the holidays get closer.