Last buzzer rings for Knights

A third place conference finish for the women’s basketball team


David Pradel

In the team’s last home game of the season, sophomore guard Daniesha Davis goes up for the layup during the second half as the Knights pulled out a 48-41 victory against Grossmont College on Feb. 18 and on “sophomore night” at the Harry West Gym. Photo credit: David Pradel

Franchesca Walker, Co-Arts & Features Editor

In their last home game of the season, the women’s basketball team rejoiced in a 48-41 victory against Grossmont College on Feb. 18

Last month the Knights lost to Grossmont 60-52 and were determined to not take another defeat by the Griffins on “Sophomore Night.” The Knights played more aggressive and were focused to win this time around and succeeded.

“It was a redemption game,” said sophomore guard Daniesha Davis.

During the first half, both teams had trouble with making baskets. Both teams recorded a total of 30 turnovers in the first half alone however, the Knights were the leaders and showed no signs of letting Grossmont to rally back in the game.

The first half ended with Knights in the lead 21-17.

The beginning of the second half turned to be successful for the Knights. The team was re-energized and picked up the pace. The girls set up instant plays that allowed them to put down multiple points in a short amount of time. Although the girls were energetic, they still had multiple turnovers.

The Knights were able to keep a 10 point lead over the Griffins for a while. However that changed as the turnovers caught up with the Knights and Grossmont was able to pour in the points and tie the game at 39 with three minutes left.

The Knights worked quickly to change the score and sophomore point guard Darrian Castillo hit a clean three-pointer making the game 42-39 and the Knights again were in the lead. Castillo and sophomore forward Nyaduop Lam helped the Knights to a victory in that last minutes of the game together making layups and free throws.

The Knights won 48-41, as the sophomore players were triumphant in their last home game in the Harry West Gymnasium.

Lam and Castillo were the top scorers for the Knights. Lam recorded 13 points, and 10 rebounds making it her 14th double-double of the season.

Castillo scored 11 points and had 6 assists in the last home game.

Throughout the season, Lam had an impressive record. She has recorded a total of 294 rebounds and is ranked 19th overall in the state, and has averaged 12.3 rebounds a game. Not only are her rebounds impressive, Lam is ranked 11th in the state with a total of 55 blocks.

Castillo is ranked 17th in the state for assists by dishing out 120 assists during the season.

Head Coach Andrea Aguilar explained that she was proud of the team, especially the sophomore players, and their accomplishments this season.

“My sophomores played hard, they did what they needed to do, followed the game plan and ended up victorious because of it,” Aguilar said.

“… We’re in third place right now which is the highest we’ve ever been at City so that’s huge,” Aguilar added.

Sophomore forward Shamonique Malone-Boyd was ecstatic about winning the last home game and explained, “I think that we finally came together and achieved this season and kicked it back up. And we lowered our turnovers. That’s impressive.”

The women’s basketball team did not advance to the playoff stage but finished the season on a positive note with a three game winning streak after defeating MiraCosta College on Feb. 20, 57-55.

With an overall record of 13-13, the team equaled last season’s record but finished with their best conference record of 9-5 since the program was reinstated in 2006.