Padres fall in historic rout against rivals


More than 40,000 people reunited at Petco Park to watch the Padres play against their rivals Los Angeles. Dodgers on April 4 . Photo Credit : Ricardo Soltero

Ricardo Soltero

The San Diego Padres entered history through the back door tonight when they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers 15-0.

The largest shut out in Major League Baseball opening game history happened in front of a sold out  on April 4 at Petco Park where more than 40,000 people gathered to watch this match.

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw’s seven scoreless innings in San Diego coupled with the offensive onslaught made for a disappointing afternoon.

This the second shutout for the Padres in an opening game in a row as they dropped last years home opener to the San Francisco Giants 1-0.

Even in defeat, San Diego celebrated with style with an all-out block party. Attendees and fans packed the streets as they celebrated the start of San Diego’s baseball season.

Local businesses like Monkey Paw Tavern and Mission Brewery joined the festivities. The former going as far as launching its Beat LA IPA. While others have scheduled events to coincide with the team’s home openers.

Padres hope to even the series tonight as they face the Dodgers again for game two of their three game home stretch.