Lady Knights win and honor their Sophomores


Yakira Delgadillo

City College’s Women’s Basketball team, pose for a team picture behind the basketball net they cut in honor of their sophomore night and season.

Feb 28, 2018

The Lady Knights pulled another victorious win as their eighth consecutive win of the season during their Feb. 14 game, they tipped off the first game of the night which began at 5 p.m. Sophomore night spun the glorious moment when the Lady Knights celebrated cutting off the basketball net. Lady Knights are now Pacific Coast Athletic Conference of the South as undefeated 8-0, a first in team history.  


San Diego City College defeated Southwestern College 76-67. The win sets them at a 13-12 overall record and 7-0 in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference. After the loss, Southwestern College’s streak is at 12-15.


Lady Knights started off the night down 30-38 during the first half, but the deficit did not seem to discourage the team. With 38 seconds left in the first half, they made every second count. On the Knights side of the court, freshman guard Breeana Gafare passed to sophomore point guard E’maniee Powell, then back to Gafare for a last attempt. The buzzer hit, however, leaving it 38-34 Southwestern College at the half.


In the third period, with 8:40 minutes left on the clock, Gafare set up for a three pointer and the crowd jumped to their feet and cheered when she made it in the hoop. She cut the Southwestern College lead by one point, making it 38-37 Jaguars. The Knights kept the momentum going when Powell made a three point shot, giving them the lead 40-38.


Moments after the big win, we spoke exclusively to Powell about her performance in the locker room. She recalled, “Today was all about the defense. Jaguars have tall athletes, so I knew 3-pointers was the way to win this game.”

Claudia Robles
Lady Knights sophomore point guard, E’maniee Powell #21, slam dunks a free-body throw as the team celebrates the cutting of the net as they become the 2018 PCAC South Champions.

With six minutes left on the buzzard, Jaguars player freshman guard Amber Hard tied the game 42-42. The Jaguars would not give up without a fight. Freshman forward Sierra Simanek came back with two pointer to give them the 44-42 lead.


At the end of the third period, the Knights lead the game 51-50.


In the beginning of the fourth period, Southwestern College started off with the ball. City College quickly responded. With nine minutes left, Powell, Gafare, and sophomore guard Desiree Prado served as a triple threat, passing to one another on the Jaguar courtside. Powell turned a pass from Gafare into a three point opportunity that gave the Knights a 57-52 lead.


With only five minutes left in the game, the Jaguars came back to tie 61-61. The Knights pushed through the period though: with three minutes remaining on the clock, sophomore guard Angeleah Johnson made a two point shot for the 63-61 lead.


The Knights scored a total of nine points to take a 10 point lead and finished the game 76-67. The victory came through the teamwork City College displayed on the court and taking advantage of the scoring opportunities they created for themselves.