Sand volleyball sisters qualify for state championship

Sisters Alina and Alyssa Fletes will next play at Irvine Valley College on May 13-14


Alina (left) and Alyssa (right) celebrating a point during their match at the PCAC championship on April 29, 2022. Photo courtesy of Knights Athletics

Antonio Contreras, Multimedia Journalist

For Alina and Alyssa Fletes, competing as San Diego City College sand volleyball athletes is exciting on its own.

But as sisters, competing together makes it that much better.

“Just being able to compete and play with my sister (sophomore Alina Fletes), that is one of the greatest experiences and I’m extremely grateful to have that,” Alyssa Fletes, a freshman, said.

Alina and Alyssa Fletes qualified to compete at the state pairs championship at Irvine Valley College on May 13-14.

The Helix High School graduates, who advanced to the semifinals of the PCAC championship last month, were seeded No. 9 at the SoCal regionals and matched up against No. 24 Chloe Johnson and Faith Webb from Fullerton College in the opening round.

The sisters were able to grind out a 21-15 and 21-17 victory to earn their spot at the state championship.

“We are so excited for the chance to compete in the state championship, especially playing with each other,” Alyssa Fletes said.

The support the sisters get from their family has been especially motivating. 

“Just having our parents come out watching one of our games, it’s honestly a great feeling to have that support on and off the court,” Alyssa Fletes said.

Alyssa Fletes has been dealing with a shoulder injury that occurred during the second set of the pair’s second round match of the regionals, but they are looking forward to playing at next week’s tournament where they will be the No. 15 seed.

“It has been affecting my play a lot but I’m just going into this weekend with a strong mindset,” Alyssa Fletes said. “I’ll be able to compete, maybe not at my top performance, but having that support I think I’ll be just fine.”

The Fletes sisters are now the second pair from City College to make it to the state championship tournament, joining Montse Barron and DeeAnn Schaal who made it the last time the championship was held in 2019.