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Writer to speak on genius of comics

James Call

March 2, 2016

Comics, even today, are considered by some to be a “low brow” art. But using graphics and words to tell a story gives a narrative power unavailable to words alone. That low-brow perception, however, is eroding, and the graphic novel is a rising literary form. Keith McCleary, who speaks at City College on March 2, joins the growing list of  literary graphic storytel...

‘Squidtoons’ makes a splash at City College

Heder Casas

September 28, 2015

Living surrounded by the beach and aquatic parks and not knowing anything about it? There's no better way to learn more about the ocean, how it works and everything that lives on it that by someone who lives, breathes and loves the ocean like anyone else. Growing up influenced by comics through his childhood, Tsz Fung Kwan, better known as Garfield Kwan, started drawing and ma...

Excelsior! Fans celebrate Free Comic Day at local shops

Excelsior! Fans celebrate Free Comic Day at local shops

May 12, 2015

Comic book heroes are coming to the big screens this summer, but for Comic Book Day, fans were in for a treat with free comics and lots of fun on May 2. With...

No laughing matter

No laughing matter

Angelica Wallingford, Editor in Chief

April 21, 2015

Art is something that is subjective. Not everyone is going to like every piece of literature, music, etc., that is out there. Chances are, if you gave...

Evolution of the ‘Con’: How the Center of Nerd Culture Became a Phenomenon of its Own

Jennifer Manalili

May 14, 2014

  The lines are spiraling as the San Diego sun beats down on a couple thousand yards of tents that rest over a crowd that stretches behind the Convention Center toward the water. Thousands of people are standing in line. Many of them have been waiting since last night, some of them for days, huddled under the tent poles and amongst the white chain-linked crowd control...

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