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Words are like ammunition

Jennifer Manalili

March 12, 2013

Words are like ammo, they have power, and in some ways that power can be used to hurt people. Perhaps our art is a reflection of this knowledge.Recently, the popular and critically acclaimed film director Quentin Tarantino came under fire after the release of "Django Unchained." At its heart, the film is a love story shrouded in controversial times. It takes place in 1858, ...

The ‘n’ is silent

Aldo Ramirez

March 12, 2013

Acclaimed movie director Quentin Tarantino has once again embarked on a dialectic controversy due to the frequent use of the "n-word" in his latest production "Django Unchained," where he uses the controversial word over 100 times."Django Unchained" is set two years prior to the Civil War and portrays the life of Django (Jamie Foxx), a slave that embarks on a quest to find...

We give words their power

Paul Smoot

March 12, 2013

"There's a n----r on a horse!" gasps a surprised townsman to his wife in Oscar winning director Quentin Tarantino's newest cult attraction "Django Unchained." "Django Unchained" is an epic western that centers around Django (Jamie Foxx), a slave turned bounty hunter who journeys across the U.S. to rescue his beloved wife from a cynical plantation owner. The movie, directed...

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