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Voters were sent their ballots and voter information guide earlier this month as March 5. Primary approaches Feb. 20, 2024. Photo by Kevin Ouellette/City Times Media

City College: What’s on your ballot? City Times links you to helpful election resources

City Times gives voters accessible information on candidates, ballot measures
Kevin Ouellette, Multimedia Journalist February 21, 2024
City Times gives voters accessible information on candidates, ballot measures
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Polling sign outside P building

Undeterred by rain, voters visit City College polling place in the final minutes of Election Day

Doors to the P Building room that had hosted voters casting ballots closed at 8 p.m. by poll workers
Kathryn Gray, Editor-in-Chief November 9, 2022
Around 40 voters and poll workers, moving under the glow of fluorescent lights, rushed to get their votes in before the 8 p.m. deadline.
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Nov. 8 date

Election Day is over. But when can we expect official election results?

Counting mail-in and absentee ballots takes time
Joel Nevarez, Multimedia Journalist November 8, 2022
Election night is over. But it will take days, and even weeks, to learn the final results, according local election officials. 
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Poll worker Joe Hlebica

Curiosity, code words and cute dogs: Essential poll workers share their motivations, fears

Three locals share their stories, proving poll workers are just regular folks
Kathryn Gray, Editor-in-Chief November 8, 2022
Thousands of diverse poll workers dedicate their time to make the voting process possible in San Diego.
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I Voted stickers

Why do City College students vote the way we do?

Students, faculty weigh in on what factors into casting ballots
Shamere Grimes, Multimedia Reporter November 5, 2022
Voting has been called essential to a well-functioning democracy, but often very few people have the time or the attention span to do extensive research on who or what they’re voting for. So, what subtle psychological forces play a part in our voting decisions?
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Polling Location at County Registrar of Voters

PODCAST: Local hosts remind voters ‘to get voice heard’

Local elections are actually just as critical as the national elections, podcast host Buki Domingos says
Sven Domingos, Multimedia Journalist June 6, 2022
Host Sven Domingos takes listeners behind the scenes of the Alafia Voices of the African Diaspora podcast in a new CTM podcast.
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Newsom on campaign trail

VIDEO: Newsom to remain as California governor

Newsom will now serve in the state's top job until November 2022
Ingrid Estrella and Jillian Fortner September 17, 2021
The results showed that the majority of Californians supported him and his handling of the pandemic. Currently, out of the nine million voters, over six million voted to keep Newsom in office.
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Poll worker sits at desk

Influx of voters head to polls at City College

Recall election sends voters to the polls
Christopher Tapanes and Kathy Archibald September 14, 2021
Poll worker Yulyssah Marin, who is also a City College student, said the stream of voters had steadily increased over earlier voting days.
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Polling Location at County Registrar of Voters

San Diego officials announce record voter registration for recall

Registrar anticipates between 200,000-250,000 mail-in ballots could be submitted on Sept. 14 alone
Jakob McWhinney and Philip Salata September 14, 2021
Ballots are allowed to arrive up to seven days after election day and county officials project that it may take days to finalize the count.
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Presentation of I Voted stickers written multiple languages.

San Diego voters share thoughts on recall election

San Diegans exercise their right to vote and express why voting matters to them
Kathryn Gray and Michael Tatum September 14, 2021
The last day to cast a vote in the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election is here and San Diegans are turning out in large numbers to make their voices heard.
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Yulyssah Marin works the polls

Will City College students vote in the recall election?

City students share their experiences and thoughts on the upcoming election
Kathy Archibald, Multimedia Journalist September 13, 2021
If Newsom cannot convince more than 50% of the electorate to vote no in the recall election, the top vote-getter in the second half of the ballot will become governor.
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CCNN at Golden Hall

City Times, Newscene kick off live election coverage

San Diego City Times, Newscene staffs working from virtual newsroom on Election Day
Vicky Pineda, Editor-in-Chief November 3, 2020
The staffs of City Times and Newscene are working from our virtual newsroom and will be sharing live updates throughout the week.
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