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Find your summer lover online

J. Rae Chipera May 15, 2013

Social media is no longer just a life blogging methodology, but a way to date online. It’s becoming a social norm for everyone, not just the socially awkward. However, online dating raises concerns...

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Explore Music, Don’t Just Listen

Mary Watson May 13, 2013

Mass media is growing and it's becoming easier to create anything digital and send it to whoever or wherever in the world within minutes.With the cultivation and prosperity of social media, it's possible...

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Security finally matters to Twitter

J. Rae Chipera May 13, 2013

An unwritten rule of social media is that unless a problem affects powerful people, it doesn’t matter. While other sites have two-step authentication to make their networks secure, Twitter’s...

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Photos unsafe on Facebook, again

J. Rae Chipera April 29, 2013

Facebook stalkers can now be more efficient, as a new app takes advantage of users who don’t constantly police their privacy settings. Is the existence of one app evidence of others? “Photos...

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