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Surrounded by protesters and campaign supporters from the San Diego Socialist Campaign, Sandra Galindo (center) speaks at a renters rights rally on Sept. 21 in City Heights.    Official Facebook photo

Galindo fights for City Heights

December 8, 2015

Sandra Galindo is fired up, and taking her issues straight to the top. Galindo, the bilingual mother of three daughters, is a product of the academia...

Big Brother goes too far

Torrey Spoerer

December 14, 2013

Before an American makes a post on their Facebook wall, they may have to consider how the material of the post would look in the eyes of Big Brother. The National Security Agency is an American government program that potentially listens into a majority of national (and international-to-America-connected) phone calls and looks up topics of interest on social media outlets...

Students compete for campus leadership

Christopher Handloser

April 8, 2013

City College students will vote this week for next school year’s Associated Student Government representatives. In hopes to drive voter turnout, a website was established, and students can vote online beginning Tuesday at 7am and running through midnight Wednesday. Topping the ballot are two candidates for AS president, Carolina Moreno and Jennifer Nguyen. Moreno current...

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