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Vote ‘yes’ on Prop. 55

City Times Editorial Board

September 19, 2016

There is an important budgetary bill in the upcoming election, Proposition 55. On its passage or failure depends whether Medi-Cal and education will expand or contract in the immediate future. According to the Voter Guide issued by the California Secretary of State, if it fails the state will lose $4 to $9 billion in revenue by 2018 when gains under Proposition 30 are...

Fall schedule shows no classes being cut

Michelle Moran

May 15, 2013

Community College students expected budget cuts this upcoming fall semester, but it seems like the budget will increase. Instead of classes being cut, there will in fact be more classes added in the fall.As the district generates more funding, classes will continue to be added to the fall and spring semesters. Chancellor Constance Carroll hopes that with time the district mig...

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