Classes to be available between semesters

San Diego City College students may start working on their academic units before Spring semester 2017. The intersession program will start on Jan. 3 and end on Jan. 28, permitting students to complete the courses in four weeks.

Returning students may register online using the same registration date given for the Spring semester, which officially starts on Nov. 14.

New students should have registered online at by Nov. 3. Students who missed that date will be able to register during the open enrollment period that starts on Dec. 12.

The e-mail said that “the maximum combined study load for Intersession & Spring 2017 is 25 academic units.”

Intersession classes will not only be provided at City, but also at Miramar College and Mesa College. A press release from the district stated that “almost 250 classes ranging from accounting to trigonometry to art history and biology are available,110 of them will be taught online.”

In-state tuition will be the same as for the Spring semester, which is $46 per unit, and may be paid by credit card or in person.

Students who are planning to take an intersession course should check the schedule at to learn more. It is recommended they talk to a counselor before enrolling in a class to see if this option is right for their academic plans.

The press release said that the intersession was reinstituted to enable students to satisfy degree requirements in high-demand courses. It was made possible by an improved state budget and careful financial management.