“She Kills Monsters” to open at City College

The Dungeons and Dragons themed play will open at Saville Theater Oct. 25.


Angel Cazares

She Kills Monsters is inspired by the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons. Photo by Angel Cazares.

Angel Cazares, Arts and Culture Editor

Fans of the classic board game Dungeons and Dragons may want to save the date.

City College Drama Department will open its second play of the semester called “She Kills Monsters.”

The drama-comedy created by Qui Nguyen tells a story of loss and grief through the eyes of the main character, Agnes, who deals with the death of her sister Tilly.

After discovering Tilly’s notebook, Agnes is taken on a journey through the Dungeons and Dragons game, during which she finds out the truth about a sister she never understood.

Some of the cast involved in the play are Denessa Cazares who plays Agnes and Heidi Dotimas who plays Tilly. Louis Estrada was cast as Chuck, the Dungeon Master. 

Brandon Arroyo plays Miles the boyfriend of Agnes. Kylene Ferrer plays Kaliope, the loyal elf friend to Tilly. She also plays Kelly, Tilly’s real life friend.

Director Jeffery Ingman is grateful for the talent that he has to work with. 

“I love the students here and … there’s just a wonderful life diversity, there’s a wonderful personal diversity, they come to the table with their own points of view, and I knew once I got this cast I would be okay,” he said.

The cast is hard at work trying to offer the best performance they can. 

The audience can expect funny dialogue along with props and costumes that fit the source material.

The music matches the theme and multiple fight scenes show the more fantastic aspects of Dungeons and Dragons culture.

Ingman said he loved what the play represented about the way people deal with grief, the power of imagination, and how when people keep pushing forward they can conquer the monsters within.

“The power of the imagination, when used, can get us through the hardest times, … we can actually use our imaginations to overcome obstacles. We can see something enough to maybe work it out,” Ingman said.

Performances for “She Kills Monsters” will be held on Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.

It will be performed again Sunday at 2 p.m. and will later reopen from Nov. 1-3 with the same schedule.

There will also be a special student matinee on Oct. 31 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are priced at $15 for general admission and $10 for students, with tickets priced at $5 for the matinee.