REVIEW: Drama department slays in first performance of “She Kills Monsters”

The Drama Department at City College brought fantasy to life with their second performance of the semester.


Angel Cazares

The dungeon party is formed at City College. Photo by Angel Cazares

Angel Cazares, Arts and Culture Editor

In the world of fantasy, life can be whimsical. However, fantasy can also be cruel.

The Drama Department’s adaption of “She Kills Monsters” showed how even in the hardest of times, our imagination can help us conquer anything.

The drama-comedy, written by Qui Nguyen, tells the story of Agnes and what she discovers about her late sister, Tilly, through a scenario of Dungeon and Dragons. 

The performance was exceptional and comical. The cast had the audience laughing throughout, while bringing real emotion when dealing with Tilly’s death and her past. 

The standout performers in a talented cast were Denessa Cazares, who played Agnes, and Heidi Dotimas, who gave life to the role of Tilly. 

They offered many emotional moments ranging from the hilarious to the tear-jerking.

The performance had multiple fight sequences culminating with Agnes’ battle with the final boss, a giant dragon, showing Cazares’ talent in memorizing choreography.   

By the end of the play, the audience could see how much Agnes grew from her adventures in Tilly’s story.

Jeffery Ingman is the director in charge of “She Kills Monsters.” He has produced over 75 plays in his career and this is his return after a five-year break. He also choreographed the action sequences. 

The music used during the performance was consistent with the theme of the play, a mix of ‘90s music with fantasy.

Lighting was done well and complemented both the dramatic scenes and the action sequences.

A gragons head prop sits on the table ofthe dramam department workshop.
Sonny Garibay
The dragon’s head was one of many props used in “She Kills Monsters” that enhanced the viewer experience. Photo by Sonny Garibay

Effects were used properly and the costumes felt fitting for the time period and the Dungeons and Dragons theme.

Props were impressive, and featured several weapons to go along with the costumes. 

The Dragon used during the play was creatively built, and its performance was aided with the use of immersive audio recordings. 

The audience showed their approval through the performance with constant reactions which included laughter and an emphatic round of applause as the play concluded.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in witty dialogue, dramatic storytelling and epic dragon fights.

“She Kills Monsters” was definitely worth coming out to the theater. It was able to convey the message of fighting through grief and learning to use imagination and the human mind to confront the monsters within us.

The first waves of the performance have already passed. However, you can catch more showings from Oct. 31 – Nov. 3.

You can find tickets and information online through Eventbrite, or purchase your ticket on the day of the performance at Saville Theater.