Music department builds community at City College

Community Recording Studio Night is a monthly event that brings musicians and listeners together to City College.


Gabriel Schneider

Left to right Tahoe Bob Lavisi, Gary Reid, Angel Bello, Professor Michael Espar, Lawrence Shaw jamming out. Photo by Gabriel Schneider/City Times

Gabriel Schneider, Staff Writer

It was all smiles and warm welcomes as you entered C-209 for studio recording night.

The room filled as students and members of the community came to hear and participate in the event.

“I’m a singer and was looking for an open mic,” community member Braelyn Paige Hamilton said during her first visit to City College. “From what they already displayed, I’m highly interested in coming back to listen.”

There is no age limit or other requirements to get involved, everyone in the community is welcome.

Along with community members were professor Michael Espar, who has been with City for a year and a half, and professor Bob Kostlan, one of the two full-time music professors.

“(The goal was to) build a community to check out the facility, (many people) didn’t know it existed. Having the idea for an open door and inviting people to come in, that is what it is all about,” Espar said.

The studio was updated five years ago, so it has new recording equipment and several instruments for people to play with. Guests are welcome to bring their own instruments as well.

“We have such nice gear here … but people just don’t know it is here. I know for sure we are getting more exposure from these (events),” Kostlan said.

“We started it in March of last year … pretty much all of our classes had a big waitlist, have had the most interest since I have been here,” Espar said.

The excitement from the guests was contagious as music was played and recorded throughout the night.

“I love that (studio night) brings the community together, not just students, but anybody,” student Jackson Taylor said. “It sheds a positive light on our school and music department.”

Community Recording Studio Night occurs once a month in room C-209.